samedi 3 février 2018

You got problem with gaining weight, check this meal plan

1.  High energy cereals i.e. shredded wheats, raisin brans, energy bars
2.  Cook hot cereals with milk
3.  Bagel/English muffin (rye, wheat, pumpernickel) spread with jam, peanut butter,
honey, low-fat cream cheese
4.  waffles/French toast
5.  eggs
6.  Add fresh or dried fruit (very calorie dense) to cereals i.e. apricots, mangos, raisins,
dates, fig, nuts, seeds
7.  Drink energy juices i.e. grape, apricot nectar, pineapple, apple (add less water than

1.  Fruit and granola topped with yogurt.
2.  Milk
3.  string cheese
4.  Pudding
5.  Graham crackers/English muffin/bagel with peanut butter
6.  banana bread

1.  Peanut butter and banana sandwich (buy unsliced bread and cut it thick)
2.  Meat lettuce and tomato sandwich with milk
3.  Tuna/Turkey sandwich
4.  salad topped with nuts, chopped vegetables, sunflower seeds, cottage cheese, corn,
lean meats, tuna fish, croutons oil type dressing (creamy dressing are high in calories,
buy also saturated fat)
5.  Cheese and vegetable pizza (10” with thick crust)

1.  Trail mix (raisins, sunflower seeds, dried fruit, nuts, pretzels, cereals, chocolate chips)
2.  soft pretzel with cheese
3.  Milk shake
4.  High energy juice
5.  fruit smoothie

1.  Fish (salmon, swordfish, tuna, catfish)
2.  grilled chicken
3.  spaghetti with sauce
4.  Hearty soup such as black bean soup, lentil, split pea, chili with beans, minestrone,
5.  Starchy vegetables i.e. peas, potatoes, sweet potatoes, lima beans, corn, beets, carrots
6.  Baked potato topped with vegetables and cheese, chili, or bean soup
7.  milk
8.  fruit smoothie

1.  Ice crème
2.  sandwich (lean meat)
3.  fruit smoothie
4.  oatmeal raisin cookie
5.  trail mix

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