dimanche 18 février 2018


If you didn’t drop off until late, you won’t make your 6am gym session. Try this short workout from PT Ollie Lawrence, modelled on one favoured by famous sleep-dodger Arnold Schwarzenegger. It’ll shunt blood around your body, flooding your system with oxygen and endorphins.
#1- Stretch It Out
Slip from the shee into a low lunge, with your rear shin on the floor. Push your hips forward until you feel a stretch in your quads. Now hold for 30sec, then swap legs.
#2- Gradual Awakening
In a push-up position, slowly lower to  the count of eight for maximum time under tension. Drive
back up until your  arms are straight, then do 11 more reps. Sleepiness cured.
#3- Decaf Dragon Flag
This is the ‘light’ version of a hardcore abs move. Lie dow, kick your feet up then crunch your abs to lift your lower back. Hold for 5sec. We said ‘light’, not easy.
#4- Hold The Cereal
Stay on the floor, but get into the first part of a push-up. Brace your core and hold for 60sec, then bring alternate knees to your elbows as many times as you can.
#5- Wide (Awake) Squats
Stand in the middle of the room with arms out (A), then squat (no, not into bed), keeping your back
straight (B). Pause at the bottom then drive back up. Go get ’em.

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