dimanche 10 juin 2018

Fortified Milk and six Pack ABS

4-Fortified Milk
Help your six-pack show its full potential with a daily serving of milk and vitamin D-fortified yogurt. A 2013 Nutrition Journal study found consuming a combination of calcium and vitamin D can significantly decrease visceral (abdominal) fat and lipid absorption in overweight populations. To come to this finding, study participants were divided into two groups: The control group was fed a 500-calorie restricted diet without vitamin supplementation. In addition to having 500-calories cut from their diet, the second group was given a 600 mg calcium supplement and a 25 IU vitamin D supplement. At the end of the 12-week experiment, the group who had taken the supplements had lost 2.6 percent of their body fat and 1.1 pounds of visceral fat while the control group only experienced a 1.5 percent decrease in overall body fat and a loss of 0.4 pounds of belly fat.

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